As a midwife, there is nothing like holding space for someone as they find the strength within themselves to rise to the demands of labor, to bring their baby forth by their own efforts, and to reclaim their power.

I offer the option of home birth, for those who know they can do it!

Hello, I’m Natalie and I’m a Certified Professional Midwife, Monitrice and Childbirth Educator.


My Story

I became a surgical tech in 2000, I thought I wanted to be a surgeon. It didn’t take me long to realize that I didn’t want to be a doctor. Working in a hospital changed my perspective on how I see medicine and healing. The first birth I ever saw was a cesarean, I had tears under my mask.

 After a few years of doing surgery, I wanted to do more, but there is really nowhere to expand as a tech. I wanted to do something with medicine, but I didn’t want to be a nurse. I wanted to do something more holistic. I was talking to my best friend about it, and she suggested I become a midwife. The concept was new to me, but I was intrigued. I did some research and read Spiritual Midwifery cover to cover. Yes, this was for me and then I totally fell in love with it! In 2005, I enrolled at the National College of Midwifery, I was living in Taos at the time. I started my studies while waiting for an apprenticeship at the Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center. It only took me a year to obtain all of the clinicals I needed to apply for the NARM (North American Registry of Midwives). Though I had not yet graduated from the school, I was able to take the NARM exam, which I passed in February of 2007.

 It all happened rather quickly and I knew I was not ready to be a midwife on my own. I backpacked through Central America, secretly searching for a Curandera, or wise woman to take me under her wing. I volunteered at a hospitalito in Guatemala for a few months. I did prenatal visits, scrubbed cesareans and other surgeries, served as a doula occasionally, and also got to catch a couple of babies under a doctor’s supervision. I also organized a cleft palette clinic, helping mothers to feed their babies to get their weight up enough to have surgery. It was very challenging with what little resources we had.

 In 2009 I became a mother! I had two fantastic home births. In between having babies, I attended a few births with my midwife. I opened a coffee shop in the Santa Fe Arts District in 2010, trying to put midwifery aside for a while. But then I heard the call again.

In 2015 I moved my little family to Medford, Oregon, where I would again apprentice at a birth center. This time I applied to NARM through the PEP process and received my CPM in June of 2016. At which time I also became a Licensed Direct-entry Midwife (LDM) with the state of Oregon.

 A year later, I moved back to Colorado in need of my family. I became licensed in Colorado as a Registered Midwife, and started my own midwifery practice. Offering Birthing From Within® childbirth classes, and monitrice services as well. I now serve on the board of directors as the secretary for the Colorado Midwives Association.

I bring love and respect to every birth that I attend and clients have commented that I offer a space of quiet awe and a humble presence as a midwife.

I practice the midwives model of care which includes, but is not limited to respectful, individualized care, providing evidence based information, natural comfort techniques and appropriate monitoring.

I would be honored to be your midwife, monitrice, or childbirth educator. Feel free to reach out for a consultation. I would love to hear from you!